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Because we love animal health

And we’re on a mission to help the veterinary industry weave behavioural science through marketing and communications, so that together we can make the biggest difference to animal health.

If your business isn’t applying behavioural science principles to customer touchpoints, then you won’t be driving behaviour change as effectively as you could be.

And that’s not good for animals or for your business!

Still not convinced? Then read on…

Who we’ve worked with:

Because your clients’ subconscious is in charge

Guiding decisions with only rational reasoning is pretty ineffective. To make a difference, you need to tap into what’s inside.

We apply behavioural science principles to help decode the subconscious so you can work with your customers’ minds.

Make sure you drive the best animal health-related decisions and behaviours.

Happy clients, healthy animals and a sustainable business.

What’s not to love?!

By understanding and imbedding behavioural science in your work, you’ll grow your business, build a strong brand with high customer loyalty and improve the lives of animals and their owners.

We know just how stretched veterinary practices are, and we can help make life easier by streamlining your communications and helping you guide behaviour more easily.

Woman with son and cat at the veterinarian visit

Because we listen

We promise to listen so we understand your challenge from the outset. We’ll partner with you, and engage and inspire your team to make exactly the difference you need.

By working with InsideMinds, you’ll gain the benefit of our unique blend of experience and skills. Our founder and Managing Director, Dr Rebecca Maher MA VetMB PGCert MRCVS, is a veterinary surgeon, a qualified marketer, a qualified consumer psychologist and has over 18 years’ commercial experience in blue chip veterinary pharmaceutical companies.

So, we have the skills and experience to get to the nub of your challenge and to help you get inside your clients’ minds.

We use our unique combination of skills and expertise to uncover what really drives behaviour.

Our deep insight of what’s inside enables us to build effective behaviour change initiatives and to fine-tune communications so that they can have the biggest impact.

Every day is a learning day, and veterinary marketing and communications should be no different. We’ll help you measure results so you can learn and continuously improve .

Start your journey inside minds today.

Book a free 30 minute chat to discuss how we can help.

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