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Welcome to InsideMinds!

If you’re a veterinary practice or a business in the vet sector, then InsideMinds Consulting’s specialist services are for you.

It’s our mission to help your business make the biggest difference to animal health by applying behavioural science principles to your communications.

We will help you tap into the subconscious drivers of behaviour to help you get inside your clients’ minds, and guide them to the best choices for your patients.

And of course, great healthcare is awesome for your business. We can help improve client and staff satisfaction, increase client loyalty and retention, and drive profitable growth.

The practice environment

Because everything a client smells, sees, hears and touches when they’re in a veterinary clinic will affect how they feel.

Marketing communications

Words are important, but they’re not the whole story. The way that choices are framed, how information is laid out, and how images, fonts and colours are used affects how people engage with messages.

In-person communications

The subconscious drives most (or all!) human behaviour. If behavioural science principles aren’t applied, communication can stop the subconscious deciding to do the right thing.

Let’s make the biggest difference to animal health together

Whether you need to improve the effectiveness of your veterinary marketing communications, increase preventative healthcare uptake, improve adherences with chronic medications, or something else entirely, InsideMinds can help you.

See who we’ve worked with:

Want to hear more?

If we’ve piqued your interest, then listen to this video from Dr. Rebecca Maher MA VetMB PGCert MRCVS, the Director of InsideMinds, to find out more.

Helping you make the biggest difference

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